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“I have the best “seat” in the house.” says Kasey King, wedding officiant in the greater Charleston, South Carolina area, and that is what he likes best about the services he offers couples. I would venture to guess he does have the best seat at a wedding!

Meet Kasey King, Wedding Officiant.

Husband to a beautiful wife and father to two adorable little girls, Kasey has lived in this area for a while. He loves what he does! He said his favorite moment at a wedding is when he is “telling corny dad jokes to the groom while we are waiting for the ceremony to start.”

There is something magical about a Lowcountry wedding. Kasey says Charleston in particular is such a wonderful place to have a wedding because of “all the outdoor venues you can choose from” to have your ceremony. Whether it is palmetto trees, live oaks with Spanish moss draping, or the beach and sunset in the background, the Lowcountry surely offers beautiful locations for weddings!

Kasey has been marrying couples for 2 years now. He is “personable, professional, and funny,” said past couples with rave reviews of Kasey’s guidance at the ceremony.

Kasey’s Top 3 Wedding Tips:

  • Hire at least a day of coordinator, if not a full planner.
  • Don’t rely on a friend to do work that you should be hiring a professional to do.
  • Enjoy the moment. If you’re stressed, EVERYONE is stressed.

Kasey’s Top 3 Tips for Choosing an Officiant:

Are they within your budget? Sticking with a budget is important, and it is good training for the marriage too.

  • Read reviews from past couples, do they line up with what you’re looking for?
  • It is always good to read reviews of anyone you are entrusting any part of your special day to.
  • Will you trust them to do their job? If you meet them and your gut says no, go with your gut.

If you need an officiant for your wedding who is personable, funny, and who will help keep you calm, contact Kasey King.

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– Vendor Spotlight Writer: Inspire Charleston’s Co-Founder, Andrea