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What couple wouldn’t want to get away from their wedding and off to their new married life in a Rolls Royce? Luckily ACW Limo Service has one in their fleet for you to do just that!

Meet Drayton Tuten, owner of ACW Limo Service.

Drayton and his team have been providing safe, luxurious transportation for 15 years in the Charleston area. The company has a fleet of vehicles available for everything from bachelor and bachelorette parties, to wedding transportation for the wedding party, a safe return of guests to hotels after the party is over, and get away cars for the bride and groom! Their fleet is extensive with limousines, small and large buses, trolley cars, hummer limousines, a vintage 1961 white Rolls Royce and more! We at Inspire Charleston are thoroughly impressed with their selection of vehicles!

Drayton enjoys meeting different couples and their guests while transporting them to their destination. He said watching them “enjoy the scenery” along the way is fun too. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Charleston so I bet there are some great “ooohs” and “aaahs” along the route! He says Charleston is a great place for weddings because it is “beautiful and fun” and “usually central to all relatives.”

Drayton’s Top 3 Tips for Wedding Planning:

  • Know your budget
  • Create a wedding website
  • Take out wedding insurance (something I am not sure a lot of people think to do, great advice!)

When hiring wedding transportation, make sure they:

  • Have their permits and are legal to operate.
  • Own the vehicles, and are not outsourcing the job.

Drayton’s favorite moment during his service at a wedding is when he picks up the bride and groom after the event. He said it is “great to see them not stressed and only sharing their stories of the day.” There is nothing but joy in that moment I am sure! He is lucky enough to get to share in the joy of that moment! What a fun job!

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– Vendor Spotlight Writer: Inspire Charleston’s Co-Founder, Andrea